Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q1. What are the library’s opening hours? 

A. The CUHP library remains open from 9:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M (Monday to Friday) and from 10.00 A.M. – 5.00 P.M. on Saturday and during vacations. Timings of the CUHP library hours are subject to change from time to time and will be duly notified in the notice board of the library. Library remains Closed on Sundays and Government of India holidays. 


Q2. Do I need Library Membership? 

A. If you want to study in the library and use the books and journals on the  shelves, then you can just sign in as a day visitor at the library Admissions Desk. However, for long-term library usage, it is mandatory to get a Library Smart Card.  


Q3. How to join Library Membership? 

A. All students, faculties and employees of the university are entitled for membership of the CUHP Library and all the  bona fide members will have to fill up and sign  a membership registration form available on university site (form section) or at  help desk wing of the Membership Counter at Central Library along with Library   Temporary ID, may be generated via OPAC through self-registration. 


Q4. Which items can I borrow? 

A. Only books (general and text Books) are available for check out. The reference materials, non-book materials, reports, theses, dissertations and journals must be used in the CUHP Library premises. However, non-issue items can be available for photocopy only on payment basis. 


Q5. How can I Checkout reading materials? 

 A. First, do a search/advanced search for the availability of your required documents in the library WEBOPAC under web page of university or  web portal, followed by find the books in the stacks for   yourself. Second, check out the books using Smart Card at help desk (circulation wing). Circulation hours are remain open Monday to Friday 9.30 A.M to 4.30A.M. And 10.00 A.M. – 5.00 P.M. on Saturday and during vacations. Timings of the entire help desk are subject to change from time to time which will duly be notified on the notice board of the library.  


Q6. How many books can I Borrow from library? 

A. Circulation limits are defined on the basis of patron’s categories.


Membership category

Maximum number of books/documents that can be issued at a time

Maximum period for which the books/documents can be issued

Teaching and non-teaching staffs

10 documents

1 semester

PhD and post-doctoral scholars

6 documents

28 days

Students (UG, PG, Certificate courses and Diploma Courses)

4 documents

16 days 



Q7. Why do I need to write my name/assign signature on the checkout slip at the time of borrowing?

A. It is to protect you against misusing and false issuing of documents against your account. 


Q8. How do I return the borrowed materials? 

A. Smart card and documents may be presented at the Circulation Desk during  the circulation hours. Always verify your account to ensure the return of the outstanding dues. 


Q9. How can one renew a book? 

A. Books that have not been reserved by other members can be renewed at the  circulation counter or you can renew your own borrowed items via the OPAC provided you have the OPAC USER LOGIN credentials. A document can be renewed, only once, within the due date, upon which it needs to be returned back to the Library. 


Q10. Do I need to renew library membership?

A. Yes, Students and RD Scholars have to renew their membership every  year by paying prescribed library fees 


Q11. How can I keep abreast of the due dates? 

A. You will have to check due date slip in the back page of issued books/ frequently login to your account, on the CUHP Library website, to know the outstanding dues.


Q12.How can I borrow an item which is currently checked out to another  member?

A. One may get 2 (two) book(s) reserved for loan via WEBOPAC only. However, if the  concerned library user fails to issue the books(s) within 2 days from the date of intimation; the  reservation may be forfeited and such book(s) will be shown as available and  ready for issue to other members. 


Q13. Are there any overdue fines for documents returned after due date? 

A. It is expecting that library members should return/renew the books, issued to  them, within the stipulated timeframe, failing which, fines may be imposed on  them as per following rules: 

• @ Rs. 1.00 per copy for first 20 days and @ Rs. 1.00 per day, and, thereafter, for both the students and the RD scholars 


Q14. What should I do for loss/damage of borrowed books?

A. In case of loss or damage of books borrowed by a member in his/her custody, the  borrower shall be liable to: 

1. Replace the book; OR 

2. Bear the cost of replacement according to the following rules:  

 (a) Twice the Cost of the Book if it is less than 5 years old; (b) Three times the cost of the book, more than 5 years old; (c) Four times the cost of the book, if the book is out of print;

 (b) If the book of a multi-volume set is lost or damaged, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the cost of the same  on the above line.

Q15. What should I do if loss of Identity cum Library Smart Card? 

A. The loss of ILS CARD should be reported, immediately, in writing to the  University Librarian along with an FIR copy and a fine of Rs.500 will be charged for re-issue of a new card. 

Q16. Can I request the CUHP Library to purchase specific, new material? 

A. Yes, you will have to download the Requisition form from the Downloads section of the CUHP site, fill it up manually and then, get it forwarded by your concerned HoD to have it delivered to the CUHP Library Acquisitions section. 

Q17. Are there any reprography facility available for the photocopy of the CUHP Library documents? 

A. Yes, library materials can be photocopied inside the library on a payment basis.  In fact, no item from outside the CUHP Library can be photocopied in the library. However, reference books, theses, dissertations and rare books are not allowed for photocopying. 

Q18. How can one get a Plagiarism Verification Certificate? 

A. The CUHP Library will issue the Plagiarism Verification Certificate and this certificate has to be submitted to the Controller of Examinations (CoE) section at the time of submission of the thesis and/or dissertation.   For more details, please visit library Help desk wing. 


Q19. Q. What are electronic journals and databases? 

A. We have a structured collection of electronic journals and databases,  available, in the full text, for the library users in their specific subject areas of interest. Check the full list of electronic journals available on the library’s homepage 


Q20. What is needed for remote access login? 

A. You have to create an account as elaborated in the following steps:

 Step 1. Login to your email ID and open the welcome email received from the CUHP Library’s Remote Access portal. 

 Step 2. Click on the link that provided in your email. 

 Step 3. Set your User ID and Password. The barcoded alphanumeric number is  your user ID. For example, T1 and NT2. The password is your Registered mobile  number. 

 Step 4. Once your registration is completed, you can explore the portal, you simply need to login via the Remote Access portal through the CUHP Library websit. Once the CUHP Library homepage appears, please click on the Remote Access button to open the portal.