CUHP Library Rules 

With a view to providing state-of-the-art informational and allied services to patrons, in a seamless manner and within the fullness of time, the CUHP Library has enacted a set of guidelines that has to be strictly adhered to by anyone who is a patron and/or wishes to avail of the library services.

The following are the rules and regulations in force in the library:


A. Admission to the CUHP Library

  1. All bonafide members of CUHP shall be allowed admission inside the CUHP Library. The bonafide categories include the following:
    • Regular students, doctoral and postdoctoral scholars
    • Regular teaching and non-teaching staff
    • Temporary faculty members
    • Project staffs
    • Guest faculty and scholars
  2. The right of admission shall be denied to the concerned person, by the Librarian, only if he/she exhibits the following characterestics:
    • Of unsound mind
    • Inebriated
    • Misbehaving with staffs and/or patrons present in the library
    • Has a prior track record evincing illegal activity.
  3. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend/cancel the membership privileges of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or for any other indecent behaviour. Such a member is also liable to be expelled from the library by the order of the Librarian.
  4. All CUHP library users and/or patrons must show his/her Library Membership Card at the security desk before entering the CUHP Library.
  5. All members/visitors/patrons must sign a register at the security desk, provided for the purpose, by entering legibly all the columns provided. The signature shall ensure that the person concerned agrees to abide by the rule and regulations of the library. All the members should deposit their personal belongings at the security counter of the library against a TOKEN.
  6. Only loose sheets, Wallet, Mobiles, Laptops, Tabs and valuable items like exam sheets (for assessment by PhD and postdoctoral scholars) will be allowed inside the library.
  7. Library members shall maintain perfect silence, peace, order and calm environment conducive to concentrate on study.
  8. Smoking, spitting, consumption of food, drug, intoxicants, sleeping, whispering, murmuring, carrying of pets shall not be permitted in the library.
  9. Carrying of fire arms, explosives or any other objectionable material, literature by member is strictly prohibited.
  10. As a moral obligation each member shall require to keep the document neat, clean and in good condition.
  11. All communications regarding any library issue should be reported to the Librarian.
  12. A member should read the notices placed on the CUHP Library notice board. The library accepts no responsibility for the failure, on the part of any member, in taking note of the notices issued by the CUHP Library.
  13. Unless a borrower points out, at the time of borrowing, the bad condition, if any of the book, he/she shall be held strictly responsible for any damage and shall be required to replace the book or pay its price together with extra fine.
  14. The TOKEN issued to the members must be keep properly by the member concerned. The security personnel will be handing over the items kept against the TOKEN to the holder only.
  15. Loss of TOKEN should be reported immediately to the security & belongings will be delivered after proper identity verification. An amount of Rs. 200 will be charged for loss of TOKEN.
  16. Members should cooperate and allow the security personal at the entrance of the library to examine everything while entering as well as before exiting the library.


B. Damage and Loss of Books


The Borrower shall be held responsible for any damage and loss of books and have to make good any loss or damage of library document taken out on loan. The Library Authorities will have the full discretion to replace the document besides other charges to recover the cost in the following manner noted below:

  1. If it involves multivolume set, the whole set shall have to be replaced within thirty days.
  2. If it involves loose issues of journals/multi volume book set, the whole volume of the journal shall have to be replaced/double cost of the respectively within (30) days.
  3. In case of loss of book the user shall have to pay the double cost of the current price of the book besides other charges. In any case, if the price of document is not ascertained, the price to be charged will be determined by the Librarian.


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